Effective treatment of skin diseases

Aesthetic medicine treatments are not only used to improve beauty. Not everyone is aware that they are widely used in the treatment of dermatological ailments or the removal of tattoos , scars or birthmarks. How exactly does aesthetic medicine support dermatological treatment? In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

Laser treatment of blood vessels

Effective treatment of skin diseasesMany people struggle with the problem of bursting blood vessels, resulting in unsightly discoloration on the skin. Dilated blood vessels are most often found around the face, neck or décolleté, but they can actually occur anywhere on the body. The blood vessels can be closed quickly and efficiently with the help of aesthetic medicine, and more precisely – thanks to the use of a laser. The procedure itself involves laser irradiation of specific places on the skin; this is done in a completely painless and non-invasive way, as the emitted light only cools the skin. Depending on the area affected by the vessels, the procedure may take shorter or longer, but usually it does not take more than an hour.  Laser vessel closure is recommended in the case of: erythema, extensive redness of the skin, angiomas or rosacea. After the treatment, you should not expose your skin to the sun, especially avoid visits to the solarium or sauna (preferably for one month). Most often, one procedure is enough to completely get rid of the symptoms. Also, the price is not high – usually around PLN 100.

Fighting stretch marks

Contrary to popular belief, stretch marks don’t necessarily come from being overweight. On the contrary; They may be caused by factors such as genetics, pregnancy, problems with hormones or disorders of connective tissue functioning. Usually, stretch marks are worried not by health issues, but by unsightly appearance. Considered aesthetic, they make many people feel uncomfortable with their bodies.Removing stretch marks with the use of aesthetic medicine is primarily a laser treatment. It works by destroying the damaged cells with a beam of light, and stimulating the production of new and healthy ones, as the heating of the subcutaneous tissue provokes the production of collagen, which largely determines the regeneration and firmness of the skin. A big advantage of undergoing such a procedure is the lack of a convalescence period; the only care for the skin is to moisturize it, thanks to which regeneration will occur faster.  To get rid of stretch marks effectively, it’s best to start treating them as soon as they start to appear – later it’s much more difficult to get rid of them.  The price of the treatment depends on the places treated; the average price is from around PLN 200 and up.

Scar removal

Scars, like stretch marks, are removed primarily for aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, getting rid of them with the help of aesthetic medicine is really easy – regardless of the type of scar. Whether it is an acne scar, post-traumatic or postoperative scar can be removed. The scar removal itself is performed with a laser, which not only reduces scars, but also smoothes the skin (a similar procedure can also be used in the case of uneven skin).As the procedure is performed with a laser, it is non-invasive as well as painless and comfortable for the patient. The whole procedure consists in releasing the laser beam and directing the head to the place where the scar is located. When the beam reaches damaged cells, it destroys them and then stimulates the production of healthy cells. As in the case of stretch marks removal, the key to success is to stimulate collagen production in subcutaneous tissues. As a result, not only do unsightly scars disappear, but also the skin tone improves, it becomes better moisturized and toned. Convalescence after the procedure is quite long and requires you to remember a few things: you should not sunbathe for a month and be very careful about the sun, in addition, for a week you have to give up swimming, sauna or exercise.The procedure is not too expensive, small scars can be removed for as little as PLN 50, and one procedure is enough to get rid of scars.


Not only laser therapy is used for aesthetic medicine treatments that are used to combat skin diseases. Cryosurgery is also a very effective method of fighting dermatological ailments. It consists in freezing damaged tissues, and for this purpose, gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen are used. As a result, healthy tissues separate from diseased ones and are removed. Although cryosurgery is the domain of dermatology, it is also used in other fields, such as gynecology and oncology.

Cryosurgery is used to treat all types of warts (from seborrhoeic to sexual), keratosis, and some scars. Importantly, there are really few contraindications to this procedure – unlike laser therapy, which is excluded, for example, by pregnancy. Unfortunately, cryosurgery is not painless; fortunately, the pain subsides fairly quickly and the risk of complications is low.